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Roasting Like a Boss! – January 2, 2016

Now that I have my Aeropress by Aerobie, It’s time to roast up some of my green beans. Here’s a few photos of a recent batch of Brazilian and Ethiopian batches using my West Bend air popcorn popper.

West Bend Air Popper
West Bend Air Popper Coffee Roasting

Here’s the details:  I was going for a dark roast on both of my batches, or more technically called, French Roast.


  • 1/3 cup green beans
  • 4:40 First Crack
  • Finished at 8 minutes, 2nd crack somewhere around 7 minutes
Brazilian Roast
Brazilian Roast


  • 1/3 cup green beans
  • 1st crack 3:38
  • 2nd crack 6:57
  • Finished at 7:45
  • Jarred at 11:12
    Ethiopian Roast
    Ethiopian Roast

    After resting for about 24 hours to let the roasted beans de-gass the CO2 I ground up the beans by hand using my new manual grinder and brewed up my roasts using the Aeropress.

    Freshly Ground Coffee
    Freshly Ground Coffee

    If you think the the ground coffee looks good (I think so too) it smelled and tasted even better.

    Aerobie Aeropress
    Aerobie Aeropress

    Great job Brewtoria!  Looking to improve on my next batch this weekend.


Coffee Ride……..In Pursuit of Great Roasted Coffee

Took a ride on a cold and blustery Saturday morning in pursuit of some Milan Coffee Works, Hi-Fi dark roast coffee. IMG_20151121_093800954_HDR MCW is a small nano roaster with a small coffee operation in nearby Milan, Michigan. I first sampled their “Hi-Fi” dark roast back in September and fell in love with chocolate richness.  On my trip I was test riding a Craigslist pickup from the fall, a vintage Sears Free Spirit maroon 10-speed bicycle.

 Here’s some pics from the ride and my adventure mapped out on here on Strava.   Author’s note:  It helps to have functional brakes when you’re heading out beyond the neighborhood court.

Milan Coffee Works
View From the Road

Chazzano Coffee Roasters, Ferndale Michigan

I recently met a friend for coffee and he suggested we try Chazzano Coffee Roasters on Nine Mile Road in Ferndale, Michigan.  As I opened my door to head into the shop, I was met by a heavenly emanation of roasted coffee beans. I’ve become rather accustomed to this odor as my wife and I have been running a roasting R&D lab out of our kitchen and garage for several years now, so my pace quickened in anticipation of my forthcoming coffee encounter.Chazzano Coffee Roasters

Walking into the busy cafe, I noticed several patrons who carried their Sunday morning caffeination into the early afternoon. The scenery was a coffee lover’s dream. Shelves of industrial French Presses in escalating sizes, ceramic pour overs, and of course….hissing espresso machines attended by expert baristas. After having a seat at a stainless steel high top with waffled corrugated steel walls, I was approached by a kind and gentle barista who after an exchange of pleasantries, and admiration of his urban chambray cap, walked me through the various roast options and brew methods common to the operation. I settled on a French Press of their Ethiopia Mokasida, single origin and was so charmed and gratified that I invested in a half-pound of their Full City to go.

If you’re looking for an ideal landing place for a future confab over brewed coffee, espresso, or anything in between check out Chazzano Coffee Roasters on Nine Mile Road in Ferndale.