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Zingerman’s Coffee Company, Ann Arbor, MI

Feeling adventurous? Try some different coffee brewing methods at your favorite coffee shop. Yesterday I had my first Aerobie Aeropress at Zingerman’s Coffee Company in Ann Arbor, MI. The Aeropress’s single brewing method provides a the rich coffee flavor, with less bitterness and acidity. My cup was completely absent of any grounds which can commonly occur with the French Press.IMG_20140912_102602

Zingerman’s provides an extremely helpful “Big Brew Board” which visualizes which roast works best with a variety of brewing methods…Pour Over, Chemex, Drip Cone Filter, Immersion Brewer, Press Pot, Siphon Pot, and Aerobie Aeropress, along with other more traditional selections.Zingerman's Roast

I chose the the Road House Joe, straight up black in a mug.  Good times, I highly recommend!!

My Favorite Cafe, Saline, Michigan

“In the heart of downtown Saline, MI (just south of Ann Arbor) is My Favorite Cafe.

My Favorite CafeIt’s what you’d expect from a non-commercialized coffee house – not bustling with people and quite relaxing.

Although they don’t roast their own bean, they serve a premium commercial product in Paramount. This might not make some of the coffee purists out there happy, but sometimes it isn’t about the coffee varietal but the atmosphere in which it’s being drank in.

So next time you are in Saline stop in and step back into a hometown atmosphere with comfy chairs, exposed brick, local artist work on the walls and one giant mug of coffee.”Coffee Table My Favorite Cafe Menu My Favorite Cafe