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Steamers & Breaking Beans Coffee, Lambertville, Michigan

Last Saturday, during a break at my son’s wrestling tournament, I ventured down the road to Steamers Coffee, In Lambertville, MI.

Steamer, Lambertville, MI
Steamers, Lambertville, MI

Lambertville, sits right on the Ohio border and is essentially a part of suburban Toledo Ohio.  It’s one of those unique border towns where you’re not really sure what state you’re in as residents of both states meander about their lives crossing the border without thinking or realizing they’ve entered a different state.

I walked in, close to their 2:00 pm closing time, and the staff was more than welcoming; allowing me to take some photos and “talk coffee” with them as I sipped on my dark roast coffee.   The shop had a well designed decor with beautiful coffee art and comfortable tables and chairs throughout. cow

When I asked about their coffee, the team was proud to tell me about Breaking Beans Coffee in nearby Monroe Michigan. Breaking Beans has a great story behind them.

Breaking Beans Coffee, Monroe, Michigan
Breaking Beans Coffee, Monroe, Michigan

Their mission is to train and employ adults with disabilities in all aspects of the coffee business.  The manager at Steamers shared the story of Breaking Beans and I could see and hear her passion for what they do.  I told them I would be happy to feature them on my blog and help to spread the word.  I listened intently and then perused a few of their coffee roasts for sale at Steamers.  They had an extensive selection of light, medium, dark and flavored roast coffees.

Steamers Coffee Bar is located at 3500 W. Sterns Rd. in Lambertville, MI.  Breaking Bean Coffee can be contacted at (734) 847-2203 and at

If you know of a truly unique and local coffee shop that is making strides with their coffee, or connecting with people in a great way, Brewtoria would love to hear about them.  We can be contacted at or on Twitter @brewtoria.  As always, Enjoy your Coffee!


Macchiato Wit, or Widdout?

Brewtoria recently had a chance to conduct a Twitter interview (Twitter-view) of Philly’s own Cara Mia @CaraMiaSG.  She delivered some thought provoking tweet responses on her love of coffee.  Enjoy!

Cara Mia enjoying her morning coffee!
Cara Mia enjoying her morning coffee

Brewtoria: What is your favorite type of coffee? Espresso, latte, black no cream?

Cara Mia: I love espresso and macchiatos.

Brew: Are you strictly a morning coffee gal, or are you known to go for an afternoon or evening coffee?

CM: I’ll drink coffee anytime of day!

Brew: Mug or paper cup, and what are some of your favorite coffee shops in your area?

CM:  Definitely a mug, and I love Starbucks!

Brew:  What do you love more, a Starbucks Macchiato, or a Philly Cheese Steak?

CM:  Jeez! That’s a tough one, I both.  Can I choose to have a Philly Cheese Steak WITH a Starbucks Macchiato?

Brew:  Do you have any parting thoughts to share on what coffee means to you?

CM:  Coffee is my lifeline,  = happiness

Cara Mia can be found on Twitter at @CaraMiaSG where she tweets about her passions, coffee, wine, bacon, and fitness.  She is a proud Philly veteran wife and fully backs the United States Marine Corps.  She co-hosts a wine chat on Tuesdays at 9pm #WiningHourChat.

As always Brewtoria is looking for more people to share their love of coffee. If your story needs to be heard, feel free to contact us at or on twitter @brewtoria.  Enjoy your coffee!

el ATL Coffee Master, Aaron Cruz

When it comes to coffee, we’re all on the same playing field.  We’re excited here at Brewtoria to feature writer, photographer, and coffee enthusiast Aaron Cruz.  Aaron maintains a popular blog where he features amazing travel stories, skyline views, and a yearly coffee review. Aaron’s passion for coffee is undeniable. Grab your favorite mug, pour, and enjoy!

el ATLboy Aaron Cruz enjoying a fresh mug of coffee
el ATLboy Aaron Cruz enjoying a fresh mug of coffee

Brewtoria:  As a writer, photographer, and blogger how does coffee fit into your every day life? Tell me more about how and where you get it.  

Aaron Cruz:  Basically I drink it morning, noon and night wherever I am at. I purchase beans from roasters to feed the many coffee gadgets I have at home. I also spend a lot of time exploring new coffee shops and writing and working in them.

Brew:  You’re a Michigan guy, do you have any favorite coffee hangouts in the Mitten?

AC:  I’d say Foster Coffee Company in Owosso and RoosRoast in Ann Arbor. Foster says it all. They are fostering, helping to bring the community together through coffee experiences. You won’t find a better handcrafted latte in the state!  RoosRoast is quirky, yet modern and the name of their signature beans tell it all. Lobster Butter Love is well-known throughout Ann Arbor.

Brew:  What’s the coffee scene like in ATL? Any Skynyrd vinyl at your typical ATL cafe’s? 

AC:  Underrated. Like everywhere else it seems, third-wave, independent coffee shops are popping up everywhere. Condesa, Octane and Dancing Goats are among my favorites. Your second question got me thinking of the hippie Little Five Points neighborhood. You’ll find some cozy ATL neighborhood places to grab a coffee, alongside some record shops where you can get  your Lynyrd Skynyrd fix and other vinyl.

Brew:  Who’s the most interesting person you’ve shared a coffee with? Is it true you and Tom Izzo sat down for a cup of bean??

AC:  I drink coffee alone a lot of the time, but do find myself sometimes hanging at the counter and chatting with the baristas while sipping some java. Great way to learn more about coffee! No, but I cheer for the green-and-white and have been a huge fan of Spartan basketball since I was a kid. Sitting down with Coach Izzo would be a dream coffee meetup.

Brew:  How do you drink your coffee?  What is your favorite method? (espresso, drip coffee, black, heavily creamed with sugar, etc)

AC:  I prefer straight up and black. Want to experience the aroma, the beans and the coffee itself. The V60 pour over or Syphon are my favorite methods. I get just as excited watching the coffee being made, as I do when drinking it.

Brew:  Do you prefer coffee in a mug, or in a to-go cup?

AC:  Mug, mug, mug. Even if I am needing a coffee to go, I usually have the barista put it in a mug for photo purposes, then I’ll pour it into a cup. I’m one of those people you’ll see capturing their coffee from every conceivable angle!

Brew:  How does coffee inspire you to be creative in your writing and or photography?

AC: I don’t know what it is. Coffee just gives me the goosebumps. The relaxing aspect of it, makes me feel like I can conquer the world. It helps too that a lot of the time the coffee itself is the subject of my photography.

Brew:  What’s your funniest memory related to coffee?

AC:  I don’t have a specific memory, but when traveling I tend to explore one new shop after another in the same day and I’ll get super caffeinated. Interesting feeling when you can’t stop talking or can’t sit still for two seconds.

Brew: It’s been great hearing about your zeal for coffee. Do you have any final words to share?

AC: Well it’s time to go find my next coffee! I look forward to experiencing more coffee beans, shops and methods. Who knows where my passion for java will take me down the road.

Aaron can be found on Twitter at @elATLboy and also through his travel blog and website  As always Brewtoria is looking for more people to share their love of coffee. If your story needs to be heard, feel free to contact us at or on twitter @brewtoria.