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Macchiato Wit, or Widdout?

Brewtoria recently had a chance to conduct a Twitter interview (Twitter-view) of Philly’s own Cara Mia @CaraMiaSG.  She delivered some thought provoking tweet responses on her love of coffee.  Enjoy!

Cara Mia enjoying her morning coffee!
Cara Mia enjoying her morning coffee

Brewtoria: What is your favorite type of coffee? Espresso, latte, black no cream?

Cara Mia: I love espresso and macchiatos.

Brew: Are you strictly a morning coffee gal, or are you known to go for an afternoon or evening coffee?

CM: I’ll drink coffee anytime of day!

Brew: Mug or paper cup, and what are some of your favorite coffee shops in your area?

CM:  Definitely a mug, and I love Starbucks!

Brew:  What do you love more, a Starbucks Macchiato, or a Philly Cheese Steak?

CM:  Jeez! That’s a tough one, I both.  Can I choose to have a Philly Cheese Steak WITH a Starbucks Macchiato?

Brew:  Do you have any parting thoughts to share on what coffee means to you?

CM:  Coffee is my lifeline,  = happiness

Cara Mia can be found on Twitter at @CaraMiaSG where she tweets about her passions, coffee, wine, bacon, and fitness.  She is a proud Philly veteran wife and fully backs the United States Marine Corps.  She co-hosts a wine chat on Tuesdays at 9pm #WiningHourChat.

As always Brewtoria is looking for more people to share their love of coffee. If your story needs to be heard, feel free to contact us at brewtoria@gmail.com or on twitter @brewtoria.  Enjoy your coffee!

Coffee Talk with Global-Goose’s Kelly Dunning

In our on-going blog series on the relationship between coffee and people, Brewtoria recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Dunning of the travel website global-goose.com.  Kelly, who is from Canada, had a chance to catch up with Brewtoria to answer some coffee questions and how it plays a meaningful role in her life as a full-time traveler, blogger, and writer from her current location in Tasmania Australia.

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Brewtoria: As a full time traveler with a new adventure everyday, do you make your daily intake of coffee a priority?  If so, tell us how you get it?

Kelly Dunning:  I actually carry instant coffee around with me in my backpack, so that I can always make a cup as long as I can find a way to boil water. However, I sometimes get my coffee fix from a cafe too. 

Brew: Can you tell my readers a little more about how you’re traveling, are you hitchhiking, walking, biking?  I must admit, I am very intrigued about how you are doing this?

KD:  Lee and I fund our travels by working online. I’m a freelance writer and he is a web designer. We also run the travel blog Global-Goose.com. We have been travelling for 6 years now and we usually take buses and trains between destinations and the occasional flight. We have no home and aside from a few things in storage, everything we own fits in our backpacks.

Brew: What do you enjoy more, the sound of a hissing espresso machine, or the drone of a car or RV that will take you to your next destination?

KD: I really like the background chatter and espresso machine hisses of a busy cafe, it’s a nice environment for enjoying a coffee and getting work done.

Brew: Who’s the most interesting person you’ve shared a coffee with?

KD:  When I think about it, I don’t have a lot of social interactions around coffee. For me, coffee is a solitary experience as I usually drink it when I am writing. It’s my writing fuel, the juice that gives me brain power.  When I meet and chat to interesting people it’s usually when drinking beers in the evenings.

Brew:  How do you drink your coffee?  What is your favorite method (espresso, drip coffee, black, heavily creamed with sugar, etc)

KD:  I love a cappuccino with a dusting of chocolate on top. Also, nothing beats a classic drip coffee with a splash of milk. 

Brew:  Do you prefer coffee in a mug, or in a to-go cup?

KD:  A mug is always better. Drinking from cardboard or Styrofoam is not very nice. My favourite is my Back to the Future Mug. When you pour the hot coffee in, the Delorean disappears from one side and reappears on the other. It makes me happy every time I use it.

Brew: How does coffee inspire you to be creative in your writing?

KS:  When I drink a cup of coffee in the morning before I start writing I can feel it waking up the synapses in my brain and helping my neurons fire. It may be a placebo effect, but I feel like it helps me focus and organize my often scattered thoughts. With this energy boost, I can tackle each step of big writing projects that might seem overwhelming at first.

Brew: It’s been great to hear about how important coffee is to you.  Do you have any parting thoughts to share?

KD: The best coffee I ever had was in Salento, Colombia when I visited a coffee plantation. It was so rich and fresh and had such a complex and subtle blend of flavours.

Kelly Dunning can be found on Twitter at @GlobalGoose and also through her travel blog and website global-goose.com.  As always Brewtoria is looking for the next coffee love affair. If your story needs to be heard, feel free to contact us at brewtoria@gmail.com or @brewtoria.

Flint Crepe Company / Heyday Coffee

After an exhausting 10 mile race at the Flint, Michigan Crim Festival of Races on August 27, 2016, I slogged into the Flint Crepe Company for a pick-me-up prior to hopping on my shuttle bus back to my car. As always, there is a magnetic pull to a coffee spot that I haven’t visited before and this one was no different.


The eatery is a combo…part breakfast yumfest and coffee tank filler. I especially liked the hip swag offerings of which I purchased some of their local bacon hand soap, crafted from by-products of another “flint-local” business.

Flint town’s troubles are well documented over the past year, however rays of sunshine like the Flint Crepe Company will keep the clouds at bay with their tasty crepes and smooth espresso pulls of Heyday Coffee!

Hit them up on your next visit to mid-Michigan!